We will not forget

Ciaran Cummings was shot down by terrorists on 4 July, 2001, near his home in Antrim, Northern Ireland. He was only 19 and well loved by family, friends and neighbors, both Catholic and Protestant. At his Requiem Mass, Bishop Patrick Walsh said Ciaran would likely become a "statistic" and soon no-one outside his family and close associates would remember his life or recognize his name. This site is dedicated to preventing that from happening.

See our links page, for background information on the terrorists who killed Ciaran (along with Brian Service, RUC Constable Frank O'Reilly, and Rosemary Nelson and probably others), as well as news stories documenting the facts of the case. (Updated as of June 12, 2004. If you have any newer information, pleast e-mail me (webmaster@ciarancummings.com)

Click here for the lyrics and audio files to "Ciaran Cummings," the song I wrote in his memory. I hope to hear it sung in pubs and gatherings all over the world, along side songs about Brian Boru, Kevin Barry, Sean Tracy, Father Murphy, and others.


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